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Lasix Dosage for Fluid Retention

When it comes to treating excess fluid build up, the usual lasix dosage recommended is 40 mg. However this lasix dosage may still vary depending on your age, or your reaction towards the medication. Some people needs special care when taking a particular lasix dosage for treatment. For example, the elderly or small children may need to take only smaller lasix dosage because they are more susceptible to side effects. If you have other health problemsread more…


Z-pak – Is It Safe to Use?

The z-pak drug is a brand of antibiotic treatment designed for a 5 days course to eradicate symptoms of infection. In fact, z-pak has been recommended by most doctors as treatment for infections caused by bacteria, such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, otits media, lung or respiratory infections, skin infection, strep throat, tonsilitis, acute gonorrhea of the cervix and urethra, and many other varieties of infections. The z-pak drug is classified as a type of macrolideread more…