Generic Levitra Dosage – What is the Right One for You?

If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), chances are that you used ED drugs to allow you to use your manhood for sexual intercourse.  This is because without this ED treatment drugs, you will not be able to support let alone produce the necessary erection you need for sexual intercourse.  Among the different ED drugs that are currently available in the market, many consider generic levitra as the most effective and overall best ED treatment drug.

If you are interested in using generic levitra, the most effective medication treatment for erectile dysfunction, you first need to know your generic levitra dosage.  Generic levitra dosage comes in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg.  Although the generic levitra dosage of 20mg is quite the most popular, still it is necessary to know your proper generic levitra dosage as you may have certain underlying conditions that need to be carefully considered.

To properly know the right generic levitra dosage for you, you will need to consult a medical professional who specialized in erectile dysfunction, an ED doctor so to speak.  Initially, during your consultation, your doctor will try to assess you, ask you questions and then do some physical examinations.  If he is not content with the results, he may require you to do some laboratory tests so as to conclude the nature of your condition and also so he can properly prescribe you with the right dosage, which in this case will be generic levitra dosage.  If you suffer from any disease, are taking prescribed medications daily, and your past medical history will all be taken into consideration when prescribing you your generic levitra dosage.

When you first take your ED meds, the generic levitra dosage that has been prescribed to you, if you feel that the generic levitra dosage is either too weak or too strong, make sure that you never make any self-adjustments on the generic levitra dosage given to you.  Instead, call your doctor or give him another visit and tell him about your concern on your current generic levitra dosage.  Allow your doctor to make the necessary adjustments and not you.

Whatever generic levitra dosage it is you are taking, rest assured that the medication is very potent as generic levitra would not be given the title of “most effective” if it will not help you treat your erectile dysfunction issues.  In fact, generic levitra has gotten such title because its efficacy rating is the highest among any ED drug.  Generic levitra scores an efficacy rating of 86%, whereas its closest rival, Viagra, scores only 84%.  This gives you a better chance of treating your erectile problems if you use generic levitra.

No matter what generic levitra dosage it is you are taking, whether it is the lowest generic levitra dosage or the highest generic levitra dosage, make sure that you do not share your erectile dysfunction treatment medication with others, particularly with men that do not have any erectile issues, as sharing any form of ED treatment drug with them may lead to injury or irreparable damage on their manhood.  Such conditions include priapism wherein the penis stays erect for a long time, making it very painful.  If no immediate medical intervention is followed during such, injury or damage to the penis will likely occur.  Never share your generic levitra dosage or other ED treatment drugs, ever!