Getting Optimal Treatment through Proper Amoxicillin Dosage

Diseases can be found everywhere and many of these are often caused by bacterial infections.  The best way to beat such infections is to develop a strong immune system.  However, infections are sometimes very persistent which is why you can never prevent not having one.  So the next best thing is to have the best treatment which is amoxicillin.  Since not all bacterial infections and their severity are the same, getting the right amoxicillin dosage to treat the infection may be next best thing to do.  While there is really no overdosing when it comes to using high amoxicillin dosage, the problem here is if you frequently use elevated amoxicillin dosage for a very minor infection, you might not only eliminated good bacteria in your system, but the high amoxicillin dosage may also result in the development of drug resistant bacteria which can rather be an inconvenience because you will be force to use stronger and also more expensive antibiotic drugs.

This particular antibiotic drug is a derivative of the first antibiotic treatment drug, penicillin.  Basically, both antibiotics work by inhibiting the bacterium’s reproduction.  However, as mentioned earlier, different bacteria can create different illnesses as well as severity of the disease.  People with stronger immunity will be a bit more resilient on the spread or growth of the bacteria.  Nevertheless, the infection should still be treated.  To treat different infections and their severity, you need to use different amoxicillin dosage to counter the infection accordingly.  Using the right amoxicillin dosage for the particular infection will yield you with the most optimal treatment for the condition or infection that you have acquired.

Possibly the most popular amoxicillin dosage will be amoxicillin 500mg.  This amoxicillin dosage is the most dispensed amoxicillin dosage in pharmacies and drugstores.  But since there are other amoxicillin dosage available – 250mg, and 500mg – using the right amoxicillin dosage will yield you the best results.  Normally, amoxicillin come in capsule forms.  However, these days, you will find chewable tablets in two amoxicillin dosage – 125mg and 250mg.  For capsules though, the amoxicillin dosage that is available is mostly either 250mg or 500mg.  It is important for you to find the most appropriate amoxicillin dosage for your infection so that you can get optimal treatment without really using too much of the drug.

When treating yourself with antibiotics, mostly because of bacterial infections, it is necessary that you follow a certain course when treating particular condition.  If you have been prescribed with a particular course of antibiotics or you are simply self-medicating on a bacterial condition, then it is necessary that you follow the normal course of 5-7 days of antibiotics.  Following the proper antibiotic course will allow you to fully purge the bacteria that have infected you.  Failure to follow the course of antibiotics, even if you feel you are well already mid-course may result in the infection not being fully eliminated from your system as well as potential growth or development of amoxicillin resistant bacteria strains.  So for best results, always complete your course of antibiotics.