Got ED? Buy Avanafil Because It Has Lesser Side Effects

The most embarrassing condition that could ever happen to a guy is not just to suffer from male pattern baldness, but to develop a condition called erectile dysfunction (ED).  This ED is more commonly known as impotence and is basically a condition that disables a man’s capacity to achieve an erection developed from certain factors.  When a man has penile impotence, it means that the main part that makes him a man is no longer working properly.  Due to this, he will not be able to please himself and fulfill his sexual urges, and that he will also not be able to fulfill the sexual needs of his partner as well.  The truth is ED has been the cause of breakup of many relationships.  While sex is not exactly what makes a relationship strong, it is nevertheless a link that bonds the relationship of couples.  Needless to say, sex is a necessary factor for every couple, particularly when urges arise.

For men with erectile dysfunction, they can consider themselves somehow fortunate that they live in an age where there is a treatment for such condition.  Just imagine the days when these ED medications where not in existence.  It must have been terrible for the man who has it that he has to look or device ways that can make him seem to have an erection, but of course to no avail.  Thanks to the discovery of PDE5 inhibitor drugs, erectile dysfunction is no longer a big worry.  Yes, the condition is still embarrassing, but thanks to ED drugs, men with ED are now able to fulfill their sexual urges and duties.

ED medications were pioneered by the drug Viagra (sildenafil) back in 1998.  However, after their rights to this type of medication expired, new forms of ED meds followed.  Just last year, 2012, a new ED medication was introduced in the market – Stendra (avanafil).  Since the other ED drugs prior to this are already established, there are many who wondered how this new medication would fair against the giants.  The new medication however removed all their doubts about the success of the new drug as avanafil actually has lesser side effects when compared to its more known rivals.  This has led more men with ED to buy avanafil.  Those who chose to buy avanafil have actually been converted into avanafil users because they feel that the drug is more effective and that they encounter fewer side effects using it.  Perhaps the reason to this is that avanafil has undergone a lot of research and development which is why it has been release at a much later date.

If you plan to buy avanafil, you will be glad to know that you can buy avanafil online.  Actually, it is a lot better to buy avanafil online because you will be able to get a much better deal from online stores as compared to when you buy avanafil from physical pharmacies.  When you buy avanafil online, you will not only be able to get them at much cheaper prices, but some stores will even throw in some bonuses, thus making you save more money.