Vardenafil – How this Drug Can Help You with Your Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is actually one of the most embarrassing conditions that could ever happen to a man.  This is because with this condition, a man will not be able to use his penis for sexual intercourse mainly because he cannot get an erection the will allow for vaginal penetration.  Even though erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing condition, the truth is, this condition is not as rare as it seems.  The only reason why it seems rare is because most men will not want to talk about it or that they do not tell anyone that they have the condition.  All over the world, there are more than a hundred million men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and this is based on accounted statistics.  It is possible that this number will increase if only everyone who suffers from the condition consult a medical professional about it.

Most people think that erectile dysfunction or male sexual impotence is the inability to have an erection.  While this is mostly the true condition of ED, there are two other forms of ED that are rarely mentioned – the ability to have an erection but its duration cannot be sustained throughout the course of the sexual intercourse, and the ability to have an erection but cannot get it hard enough that will permit vaginal penetration.

How does a penile erection start anyway?  There are actually three ways a penile erection can start with men – through sight, touch, or imagination.  For normal men who do not have any erectile issues, the presence of any of these erection-initiating stimuli can give them an erection whether they choose to or not.  However, if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, even with the presence of these stimuli, he will not get his penis to become erect even if he chooses to.

These days, thanks to the advancement of pharmaceutics research & development, men with ED can consider themselves fortunate because they live in an age where there are medications that can help them with their erectile condition.  One of the more popular drugs in the market that can help treat ED is vardenafil.  This medication allows men with ED to have momentary usage of their penis as the active ingredient within the drug enables them to have a penile erection even if they have ED.  Vardenafil is actually the most effective ED drug in the market today as it has more than 80% efficacy.

The highest dose for this ED drug is vardenafil 20mg.  If you have been prescribed by your doctor to take vardenafil 20mg, make sure you follow his directions carefully and take vardenafil 20mg only and never make any self-adjustment on the dosage even if you feel like the vardenafil 20mg is too much or too little for you.  If the dosage of vardenafil 20mg really concerns you, make sure to pay your doctor another visit for reassessment.  It is possible that you did not fully inform your doctor on what he needs to know which is why you have been given the dosage of vardenafil 20mg.